jit.freenect.grab Release Candidate 2 is out (finally)

Taking a short break from what has been a truly hectic and near-sleepless month, I found the time to upload a slightly improved jit.freenect.grab. Several users have reported to me that jit.freenect.grab stops working after a while. I think I’ve identified the culprit and this new version may solve the problem. I hope so.


Some people have also asked me about a Windows version of the external. libfreenect, on which this external is based now works on Windows and a port should be possible. Or at least, it would be if I had the time. Currently, my main priority is getting enough sleep to keep a sane mind. However, the code is on Github and if anyone wants to take the time to work on a Windows version, that would be fantastic.

Some people are also interested, of course, in NITE. Which is a skeleton tracking system developed by Primesense, the company that designed the Kinect’s depth sensor. As far as I know, NITE requires Primesense’s own drivers to work, which would require a new external altogether to work in Jitter. It would be a very useful project but unfortunately, my current engagements don’t allow me the time to work on something like this at the moment.

Here’s hoping rc2 solves everybody’s problems.