Gragra DSP Exhibition 2010 ? Kyoto

March 22, 2010

Shinobu Toma ? Ghost in the Space

Kazuomi Eshima ? Remind

Kei Shiratori ? twist suburbia

Daichi Misawa ? Skies

Leo Kikuchi ? Landscape in my Arms

Kaori Takemoto ? Hunter-gatherer Colorist

Kanna Komaki ? Utopian Babble

IAMAS DSP Course First-year Students Show their Works

February 2, 2010

Following last week’s graduation work presentation, first-year students of the Academy showed their end-of-year projects. Unfortunately, these won’t be at the upcoming graduation exhibition, but it will be possible to see some of them at a show we’re planning for next March.

Kei Shiratori ? Isolated Island

Kei Shiratori ? Isolated Island

Kei Shiratori presented an iPhone multiplayer musical game. Players, using the accelerometer, throw around a ball to each other, which generates sound depending on their actions.

Kazuomi Eshima ? Remind

Kazuomi Eshima ? Remind

Guitarist Kazuo Eshima built two heavy-duty controllers: a minimalist knob device and a monome-like foot controller. Both are built like tanks.
Kim Jong-Un created a sound piece meant to be listened to while riding a bicycle. As you go faster, the sounds of the piece blend in with the sound of the wind in your ears.

Leo Kikuchi ? Landscape in my Arms

Leo Kikuchi ? Landscape in my Arms

In Leo Kikuchi’s video installation, you get to observe the world from the perspective of the author’s swinging arms, as he walks around the landscape.

Bak Young-Hyo ? Cube

Bak Young-Hyo ? Cube

This installation by Bak Young-Hyo is a prototype for a larger outdoor piece in which a giant cubic video balloon floats in the sky.
Daichi Misawa’s “Skies” is a web-based piece in which photographs he took at O?wi?cim (Auschwitz) are modified to create endless variations, in a commentary on plurality and identity.

Shinobu Toma ? Ghost in the Space

This sound installation by Shinobu Toma uses several iPhones in a pitch-dark room. A simple interface allows visitors to specify parameters of loop length and loop repetition. Sounds are simply recorded and played back a number of times, but unexpected sounds arise from the complicated feedback that occurs.

Kanna Komaki ? Show-room

In this video piece, Kanna Komaki transforms an everyday space (a staircase at IAMAS) through the use of a large number of lightbulbs.
Kaori Takemoto’s “Hunter-Gatherer Colorist” is a portable device that uses a colour sensor to allow the user to create colour palettes by literally gathering colours from the external world.

IAMAS DSP Course Students Show their Graduation Work

January 25, 2010

Today and tomorrow, second-year Academy students show their graduation work to teachers and fellow students. The general public will get a chance to experience the works during the IAMAS 2010 exhibition, which will be held from February 18 to 21.

Hideyuki Oda wearing Hoonida-Kim's "C_"

Hoonida-Kim ? "C_"

Yuuya Ito ? "Cell #00"

Mitsuru Tokisato ? "Surround" (Temporary title)

Mitsuru Tokisato ? "Surround" (Temporary title)

Yutaka Kitamura ? "Form. Design + Personal fabrication"

Yutaka Kitamura ? "Form. Design + Personal fabrication"

Jane Rigler at IAMAS

November 30, 2009

Flutist and composer Jane Rigler visited us at IAMAS last friday for a lecture and performance of a few of her pieces for flute and live electronics. Jane talked about how traditional musical traditions of places like the Solomon Islands influenced her work as a composer and performer, and showed us some of the Max patches she uses for her performances. She also talked about Music Cre8tor, a system for allowing physically and cognitively challenged children to play music together.

Jane and I, providing the Japanese translation

Jane Rigler and I, providing the Japanese translation


Photographs by Yosuke Kawamura.

IAMAS Open House 2009

August 1, 2009

International Computer Music Conference 2009

July 24, 2009

16-21 August 2009, McGill University, Montr?al, Canada

I will be doing a poster presentation for my paper?Perceptually Motivated Sonification of Moving Images. I will bring audio and video demonstrations of my approach to creating sounds from images.

Visit?the official ICMC 2009 site.

OpenCV and Computer Vision in Art Workshop

28 April 2009, Soogsil University, Seoul, Korea

This was a four hour workshop in which I presented a historical overview of how computer vision has been used in the arts. I introduced both technical and aesthetic aspects of several important works and we followed with a short introduction to the OpenCV library. You can find?also a simple tutorial I made for this workshop.


This workshop was part of a bigger event,?Home Party, organised jointly by the DSP Couse of IAMAS and the BK21 Media Division of Soongsil University.

Les Journ?es de l’Infomatique Musicale 2009 (JIM ’09)

1-3 April 2009, Phelma, Grenoble, France

The JIM are a yearly conference directed by AFIM, the French computer music association. In 2009, they were organised by the ACROE research center. I presented?a paper about image sonification and gave an oral presentation.


Visit?the official JIM ’09 site.

Computer Vision and Interactive Art with Jitter Workshop

25-27 March 2009, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, Milan, Italy

This was an intensive three-day class held for the students of the?Digital Environment Design Master Programme. Using Jitter and cv.jit, we explored some of the basic computer vision techniques and their artistic applications. More information about the course can?be found here.